Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Meeting Darryl

I was once president of Dance in Canada. I was a passionate dance fan. That was a long, long time ago, and things have drastically changed in the world of contemporary choreography. In this piece, the camera is part of the choreographer’s vision. I love this piece.

Monday was a good day. It was gorgeous and sunny all day, and my fitness class passed reasonably quickly. Plus, I was not a zombie though the remainder of the day. The highlight of the day was meeting Darryl, although our time together was short.  I picked him up, we went to Drumbeg and walked the circuit there, then I took him home and returned to the bliss of Pinecone Park.

Darryl is legally blind, but he has some vision. That’s why he doesn’t drive. And he’s a very nice man. He’ll be a good fit with Jay, Eoin, Fran├žois and me. He’s clearly an avid gardener. He uses his garage as a large plant nursery. I may learn some things about gardening from him (although now that I have Bronwyn, my need for knowledge is less urgent).

It was super interesting talking to Darryl about FND. It was wonderful to be with someone who is conversant about the condition. We talked quite a bit about the history of the condition, but I want to be careful about not doing that again. I want to develop a ‘normal’ relationship with him that does not exploit his experience. Plus, I don’t want to make out time together all about me.

Today will be a simple slow day of reading and chilling. I love a day like this with nothing on the agenda. I have a challenge to master; I must replace a light fixture. It is broken, and so I cannot tell what circuit it is on.  I will have to shut down the entire house to enable me to do the repair, and I don’t really like doing that, but it must be done. The broken fixture is in my walk-in closet where I need light to do anything.

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