Friday, March 15, 2024

Finally, A Day Outdoors

We went for a long morning trail walk yesterday because it was so beautiful outside. I can hardly wait for the weekend when it’s predicted to be much warmer. It’s wonderful to be outside again and to feel the joy of anticipation: Spring is coming.

When we got back, I went into town to do some shopping. I’ve got to make some tarts today or tomorrow to take to Stacy’s where I’m having dinner on Saturday night. Then it was time for lunch, and immediately afterwards I got to work outside. Oh, the joy of it!!!

I raked the driveway and started clearing cones from some of the front yard gardens, and then I got out my girlie chain saw and started bucking the HUGE branches that fell and broke my fence that surrounds my edible garden. It felt so, so good to be doing yard work. I am not in a hurry, and I don’t feel any pressure to do the work, so it’s more like fun. 

Dave came over to chat. He’s passed the inspection of his foundation so very soon the cement slab will be poured, and then the low foundation walls will be done, and when that’s done, the kit arrives and then Dave and one of the handsomest men on earth, Andrew, get to work putting the yurt together. It’s going to be exciting to watch!

I was outside sawing and toting until 5:30. It was heaven to be outside working on the yard. It was the best day of the year so far for me. One elbow is killing me, but I don’t care. I got lots done and Pinecone Park is looking much better already. And I have a week of this weather coming, so I’m in for a good time!

This morning: Fitness. Pooey! But then I have the remainder of a glorious day at Pinecone Park to enjoy. I’ll be doing some baking and more yardwork. A perfect day!

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