Monday, March 18, 2024

Great Fun in the Sun

Our big community dog walk was lovely because of the weather. Sheba and I took up the rear, and when it was done, we hurried home for lunch. Then it was time to get to work. I decided to work in the backyard because it was sunny and because that is where I spend so much time. I trimmed the massive ferns, and then tidied up the courtyard and fountain. And then I started picking up all the forest fallings in the backyard.

Oh, my goodness it is lovely to have the fountain going again. I cleaned it out and changed the water. I love the sound, and I love how clean the water is. It’s a magical part of Pinecone Park, and it’s a major draw for the birds.

I took my time; there was no pushing of myself because it’s Sunday, my day of indulgence. But what a difference my work makes. I fall in love with Pinecone Park all over again. And I love doing yardwork, but it sure tires me out. I love getting up and not having to think about what to do. The yard calls, and I love to answer. I’ll keep at it until Wednesday when we’re predicted to get a couple of days of rain. Then I’ll rest, because after those two days, we’re back to sunshine. Or so they say.

I quit working at 4:00 to enjoy a spa in the sunshine and with the sound of the fountain to sooth me as well. I’ve been enjoying such a different way of living since this good weather started. I haven’t read anything in days, and conversely, I’ve brought an impressive look back to the edible garden and the courtyard. There’s a massive amount of work still to do, but I’m in no hurry. I’ll just keep at it on the fine days, and I’ll love chilling on the rainy days.

My spa was heavenly. It is such a wonderful asset. When I lived with the Tyrells, they had no shower, so I became a fan of baths. I only had a shower at school or at swimming classes, but since I moved here, that’s the only way I wash. The bathtub here is in the guest bathroom and it’s a nasty beast. There’s no window in that bathroom, and so it’s not a pleasant place to bathe. But the spa!! Oh my God, it’s a wonderful thing to be outdoors in warm water. 

In the evening, I did what I do almost every night during the Summer. I’ve never done it this early in the year before. Last night Sheba wanted out, so I went to the door to let her go (I think she may be ill), and then instead of closing the door, I made a spontaneous decision to do a walkabout in the backyard. That happens almost every night in the hot weather. Going into the backyard is like going into my own private forest—with flowers.

By far the best part of my garden and the whole lot, is the trees. When I was outdoors during my first year with FND, I would have seizures, and nothing would give me a greater sense of safety that to brace myself against a tress. They are stable, whereas my world was in torment. So now, they are central to my joy of my yard. I couldn’t believe it when I came here: I owned 40+ trees.ß

I’m working on the courtyard area right now, and as I work, I think of things to ask Bronwyn. I’m amazed at how good the courtyard looks. The cracks between the pavers are bursting with greenery. I have trimmed it all with my weed eater, and it really looks good because the thick green lines finish the landscape in the courtyard. I have to let nature take its course there, because I don’t water it in the summertime. The Climbing Hydrangea on the trellis is just opening its leaves. Again, it looks like it’s been here for a long time. As does the Ivy covering the lowest part of the fountain. I love seeing time in the landscape. 

The backyard is a minefield of branches, big and little, and billions of cones. I try to use the long-handled pincers I have to pick up everything. It saves my back, but more importantly, I don’t destroy the natural growth with a rake. 

I’ll take my time. I’ll get the place looking as good as I can, and then I’ll have Bronwyn over for a consultation that may include getting some plants at wholesale prices. Plus, I get to buy annuals and started lettuce to plant! Woo hoo!

And yes! It’s another spectacular day. I’m going to fitness, and I have grocery shopping to do. But I’ve lots of time for gardening, as well. And tonight, I dine with Jay, Eoin and François and I introduce them to Darryl, who’s also joining us. 

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