Thursday, March 7, 2024

A Gentleman in Moscow

I loved the book A Gentleman in Moscow. It was a fabulous read, so I'm looking forward to see how it does as a movie. I also really loved All the Light You Cannot See, and yet the film stank. So ....

Can you count how many circles are in the above image? No? Can you see any circles at all? What seems to be a series of rectangular boxes does contain circles, but you must look for them, because there are no curved lines in the image. Concentrate on the vertical bars and you’ll see them if you’re lucky. There are four rows of four quite large circles. Once you see them, it’s easy to do again.

This illusion was created by Anthony Norica, a psychology professor at Stanford University. It was a finalist in the 2006 Illusion of the Year competition. The illusion exploits the fact that we identify what we are looking at quickly, and once that identification is made, we have a hard time shifting our brains to see something different.

Our walk yesterday morning was lovely, but cool. It was only 2°. And when I got home to cook my mountain of vegetables, it had clouded over. Once the veggies were ready to cool, Her Highness and I went into the village to do errands, then we came back home to chill until our afternoon walk. As usual, I built up the fire, got onto the chaise and opened my book.

We walked, we ate, we rested and then we went to bed,

Today has dawned bight and sunny. I have a Zoom meeting with my UK fellow stutterers, and then Her Highness and I will go for a long walk in the good weather. And for the remainder of the day, I’ll chill and read. But I’ll also be keeping an eye on David and Ursula’s lot next door because they’ve started construction of their yurt. I love watching construction projects!

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Sharon Dawn said...

I am very excited to hear that Gentleman in Moscow is being made into a movie. I bought the book about three and a half years ago in Tofino when my sister saw it in a shop we were visiting on a mini vacation. I had just recently discovered that contrary to what we had believed for almost 45 years (she found me when we were both still in our 20s along with her birth parents.) we were not full sisters, but that half of my DNA was Russian (Likely Doukobor). Unfortunately my mother had died 25 years previous so I couldn't say to her, "So, tell me about the Russian..." I had thought I was half Irish.