Saturday, March 2, 2024

Dinner Day

Fitness was tough. I had a seizure and almost fell down the stairs as I was leaving. The best part of going to fitness is when it is over. I walk to the car feeling like I just got out of jail, and then I race home to be reunited with my family. I am profoundly attached to Sheba. We are hardly ever apart, so I am keen to be with her again when I get home, and she is always waiting at the door for me.

When I got home, I fed her and the cats, and then got into the hot tub before any rain came. Oh, it felt so, so good to be in the lovely warm water. All my cares dissolve; nothing matters. I got out feeling wonderfully relaxed and ready to carry on with my day, but my energy waned as my body cooled. Fitness drains me. I had work to do for the dinner but every cell in my body was screaming: To the couch! To the couch!

However, I persevered. I got to work on my dinner preparations after a short rest. It was slow going. Even though it was light work, I rested a couple of times, and all through the dark afternoon, I looked forward to watching TV on the chaise in the evening. When it came time to address the final task of the day—making crème pâtissier—the sky turned very dark and then we had a torrential hailstorm.

Oh, it felt good to finish all my tasks, and finally take my place on the chaise longue. My tired aching body almost melted into it, and I just sat there looking out at the trees and the birds. Sunshine returned; the sky had cleared. I was comfortable on the chaise, and I was supremely content to have so much preparation done ahead of the dinner tonight. I treated myself to a few spoonsful of the crème.

In the evening, I called Paula, and caught her lounging on a massive bed in the waterfront Fairmont Hotel, where avocado toast coasts $38.00. She works for a wine store but doesn’t drink, so she was happy to talk to me and avoid all the drinking at the Wine Festival where she is with her boss and the company owner. We talked for almost an hour and a half.

I’ve decided to do sit ups at home every day. We do several exercises that involve sit ups and I’m hopeless. My sit ups and more like head raises only. I have work to do on my abdominal muscles, and just doing the exercises at fitness is not enough. So … the daily sit up regimen begins. But not today. I have too much cleaning and baking to do.

It’s 6:00 am, and it’s snowing. Fuck. My poor plants that thought it was Springtime. By 7:00 I had the pâte à choux in the oven. I was off to an early start at finishing my chores for tonight’s dinner. I still have 2 courses to prepare and some sauces to make, plus the vacuuming and tidying must be done. It’s a vegetarian meal; all my guests are vegetarians. But before I do more baking and cooking, I’ll walk her highness in the cold and wet. It’s raining now. but it’s still feeling like a hostile day outside.

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