Thursday, March 28, 2024

Di's Departure Day

Wednesday was a delight! Sheba and I walked when the rain changed from heavy to light, and while I walked, I made a plan for our day.

When I got home, I proposed my plan to Dianne and she was up for it, so I went into the village to get some groceries, and then I came home to get busy making classic French Canadian split pea soup. That was what we had for lunch, plus we each had a yummy grilled cheese sandwich.

The Di went into the village to have a coffee with Mog, and I did laundry and then got comfy on the chaise. She came home with our pizza for dinner and so, after some chilling time, we ate it with a nice salad and then sat down to watch 3 Body Problem; she liked it, I thought it was a stupid waste of time. I’m not at all a fan of science fiction.

Di goes home today. I shall miss her company, but she has resolved to come and visit more often, and I couldn’t be happier about that because we are so wonderfully compatible. We'll improvise our day, it's not a day that invites us outside, but we'll enjoy being together today until it's time for her to catch the ferries back to Vancouver.

We’ve had a great, great visit!! 

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