Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday Morning

Well that was interesting: Suddenly a place I had liked for a long long time came on the market. I was interested because it is close to a hospital, it borders on a park and it is steps from a public market and one of the city's bigger transportation hubs. But it's been sold so I am staying here in my noisy urban paradise that will soon be surrounded by construction.

I didn't want to move. I was at sixes and sevens about it, so I decided to go and see it to see if it changed my interest from mild to enthusiastic. But, as I said, it is sold. However, the exercise was interesting in that I found myself willing to move in spite of the investment I've made here. One thing about me: I do not develop strong attachments to things (just people).
Rehearsals start at 10:00, we break for lunch at 1:00 and we finish at 5:00. Lois lives near me, so we come home together on the seabus. And of course, I have a routine: I leave early and walk to the seabus terminal downtown, arriving at the North Shore terminal early enough to get a cinnamon bun and go over lines in the sunshine on the wharf.

Yesterday morning was a disaster. Yesterday I wanted to have another heart attack so the show had to be cancelled. I kept drying and lost my voice. There was panic in the room but after lunch, things were better so this morning I am having a healthy protein breakfast in hopes of being stronger right off the mark. Lois called yesterday a typical "hump day;"

So today, Saturday, I am up very early with a new script—edited with all the cuts and changes we have made over the past four days—ready to work hard today, hoping to feel some progress.

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