Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Final Reading

Phew. It's done. We had the last reading of Trudeau yesterday and it went well in that it is the right length, both acts end with a decent beat and there was universal agreement as to where I should cut bits.  The only down side was that Kim had to read the man's part. Allan is home recovering from surgery and David (who has a bit of a pt, unfortunately for costuming) is in a show in Prince George.

After the reading, I got to see that my adjustments to Vivicean's costume and wigs were fine. They fit Lois and she felt confident with them on.

At the end, there was an interesting discussion that had Harridan come up and quell surprise, Lois liked  the concept very much. She was terribly enthusiastic and encouraging, bless her heart. And loved the songs (as do I).

At one point during the discussion when Lois was talking to Kim. she referenced me as "an artist." That was the first time in my life someone has called me an artist— the A word I am so afraid of, for some reason. But it felt very, very good.

All my confidence is back for Harridan.

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