Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Today involved taking all the party plates and glasses back to the caterer and the rental company. And after a day of being a slug, I could hardly wait to get onto the seawall. And what a lovely day for a walk. It was cloudy and cooler and on the way to the park, it sprinkled, so there were few people on the  wall today.

I got scene six down. I have memorized all my lines except for two scenes and I have this week to get them down. But I have a lot of lines. It certainly improves the writing to be going over and over the lines. I make lots of changes.

But the best part of the day happened late. I was tired and headed for bed at 9:00! That's what you do when you wake at 3:00 am. And I found myself thinking about Amit. I can't help it. Today, I was thinking, was the first day since I met him that we have not connected and it being the day after telling him I am HIV+, it wondered if there was meaning in the absence of contact.

After telling him, I did not feel right calling him.

So I was lying in bed feeling sad and wondering if he would go the way of every other person I have been attracted to since seroconverting 22 years ago. And then the phone rang. I wasn't going to answer it, but I got up and it was Amit. Hope lives.

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