Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Night: End of Week One "Trudeau"

Well, that's one week down. One week of rehearsing a show for which the script changes every day as does the blocking. We are inventing as we go. This is like skydiving—you hope and pray that your parachute will open and that it has  been packed properly.

We have a terrific rapport; I think we are a lovely company. I am certainly enjoying myself and the product of all our working is starting to show. The Basil and Vivicean scenes are getting better and better as they come off book.

The first act is about 50 minutes and we need an intermission. The second act is 45 minutes, so we are in great, great shape as far as time and structure go. I am really, really pleased and proud of what we have put together in ten months—and mostly me, as writer, designer and primary performer.

Lios and David rehearse a Basil/Vivicean scene.
Giselle, our stage manager who is onstage.
Kim, the director, who is a peach.

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