Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday Morning Part II

After weeks of sleeping seven-to-eight hours a night. I slept four hours last night after a bad day at rehearsals. BUT… I have printed a new clean script and built "bridges in my head" over the "walls."

All the actors know what I know about my shows: there are lots of transitions that are difficult. It is very hard to explain, but my scripts have brusque transitions. There are no cure from the other actors; it's like we are each in our separate plays addressing the audience, not each other.

But after an intense session with myself theism morning, I am going to rehearsal to ask that every day begin with the stage manager and I running my lines with or without the director, and the actors rehearsing heir scenes without me, with or without the director. That will bring success, I know it.

Here's hoping they like the plan.

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