Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday: Rehearsal Day

My show advertised on the Presentation
House electric sign.

A poster up at the Seabus terminal.
It’s 4:30 pm on Thursday afternoon as I write this. Rehearsal went well so I took the rest of the afternoon to chill and nap because tonight I go to Cirque du Soleil. I never miss them and I always buy the best of seats available. I love going to Cirque and am never disappointed. What could be better?

Well, the spicy tuna salad I will have before leaving for what will be a stunning walk to the show at the Coliseum. It is 23° and glorious tonight and late afternoon is one of the nicer times of the day to walk.

An increasing part of me wants to abandon plans for Harridan, but I know when winter comes I will need a project. Perhaps the thing to do is to build my costumes and write their story as a show, not a play.

Or perhaps I should write a show of monologues and the costumes to go with them—historical, literary or comic book figures.

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