Saturday, May 23, 2015


Well there’s another reason to love Ireland besides the accent, the landscape and their incredible capacity to tell stories. The images of the celebrations following the announcement of the results of the vote are the perfect antidote to all the homophobia to which I have been exposed over my many years.
Today I wrote a prompts into my Trudeau script where I had “walls” that were difficult transitions for me in rehearsals. So now I can relax about this show a little more. There is less than two weeks until opening.
Today I also invited John and Bunny to go to dinner tomorrow at Bishop’s. I haven’t been there in years and it is always a delight. It is small, very quiet and always elegant with its Shadbolts on the wall.
And I also bought myself two pairs of glasses today. “Brave” bold glasses for special events when I wear my new suit, and prescription sunglasses. It was a very pricey purchase, but when it comes to my eyes, back or feet, money is no object.
I am already worrying about what I will do once the show closes. It will be so weird not having costumes to sew, wigs to glue or weave, properties to make or re-writes to do.

And having lost my enthusiasm for Harridan, the show I have written for next year, I will have to decide how to fill the time. But it is summer, and there are many walks to take and friends to visit, so I will take my time to decide. I will need to have a project to pursue when the rains come, but that is six months away.

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