Sunday, May 3, 2015


It was a stunning day Saturday but I did not feel like a long walk. Instead I took several short walks, each one part of knocking things off my "to do" list. One thing I did was take THREE garbage bags of clothes to Goodwill and that allowed me to get rid of a large dresser that used to be in my bedroom, taking up a rather large footprint in my small condo.

Today, Sunday, I start memorizing lines. The coming week is an exciting one: Monday is the last reading of Trudeau before rehearsals start and I am expect to get my suit on Tuesday. Pn Wednesday, I perform at The Flame. And then on Saturday, my party at which will be 60+ people ("dressed" by request) , 30+ bottles of champagne, 150 canap├ęs (ordered for their eye appeal) and a huge Bon Ton Diplomat cake.

Scented azaleas (above and below) are one of
my favourite flowers.

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