Saturday, May 9, 2015

Party Morning

Wide open space + stalking wild cat.
Supplies! Note: Lower shelf too.
The new suit.
It’s party day, it is beautiful and sunny and the temperature is predicted to reach 20°+ today. My place is spotless, of course, and the amount of open space is great as I contemplate building an army of costumes and characters in here over the next year for The Hater & the Harridan.

And with the party soon behind me, and The Flame done, I will concentrate exclusively on Trudeau, the Felons and Me for the next five weeks. No socializing, no nothing except memorizing and running lines and rehearsals.

And seven weeks from now, it will be over. Instead of post-partum depression, however, I will be excitedly looking forward to:
  •  Some relax time at the beach
  • Writing the second draft of Harridan
  •  Talking to Miss Cavendish about Harridan
  • Talking with Gillian about Cap College’s involvement with Harridan

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