Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Big Week: Day Three

Lois plays Vivicean. Here she is trying on
one of her wigs I made.
Costin, who tends to my fish and of whom I
am a big fan, tried on her other wig.
And he tried on the wig I made for David who
plays Sterling Christopher.

John is building a major prop in my play.
This is his bamboo drying in the sun.
This is a Mouse Flower from his garden.
This is, of course, a Hosta. But not just any Hosta.
It's called an ON STAGE Hosta!

  • Monday was the last reading of my Trudeau play. It went well, and if that weren't enough, I find out that my Harridan play is likely a go at the same theatre.
  • Tuesday, Warren actually meets with me to go over the Monkey movie contract clause by clause. Also, I see the model of Presentation House that is a central prop and John has done an amazing job.
  • Today I get my suit and perform at The Flame. Also today, I will master to memory, the prologue of Trudeau.
  • Tomorrow, we meet with Brad to make some counter proposals to the movie contract. Also, I get a ton of clothes back that I love, all re-sized to my new body shape.
  • Friday I rearrange my entire apartment in advance of my party to which 60 have RSVP-ed their intent to attend. 
  • Saturday I pick up the massive cake, all the champagne glasses and the hors d'oeuvres for the party and I start drinking early….
Dear Diary:  A cute genteel South Asian man has moved into #706.  I met him shortly after he purchased the place because his friend ran into me in the hall and had some questions about life here at London Place. That was several weeks ago 
I left a note with my phone number on it under his door telling him about the ant problem we have. My neighbours and I have been battling ants for over a year now. 
He called me Monday and we spent an hour and a half together and somehow we wound up holding hands and we kissed—just once I think. That was likely his doing, although his initiative felt welcome. But now what dear diary? He called twice last night and I felt so guilty putting off getting together, that I went across the street and bought him a nice little cheesecake as a housewarming present. He is coming to my party.
This is going to push me over the edge. I live alone and find myself practically burning from a kind of euphoria over everything going so well—the movie, the plays. And now a man who seems to be exactly the kind of man I have wanted since Steve and I separated moves in next door. 

Luckily, I am in a committed relationship with Leon. He may be a cat, but he's a perfect partner who will help to ensure that I am careful with my heart and my neighbour. His interest is palpable, but the big test awaits and until he takes the test my heart is in neutral. The test is how he handles hearing I am HIV+. 

He is candidate #3. Two other men have made advances since I seroconverted and their reactions were so painful to experience, I have been grateful that no one else has come forward. There's an expression: "Three times, lucky." We'll see.

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