Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Monday: Day Off

I did no memorizing on Monday. I walked for a bit and had lunch with friend, Cathy, then more meandering and a lazy evening at home. Today, I have to learn a new scene nine. I re-wrote it and it is much better and I have to memorize a new bit for scene three.

The new bit in scene nine is three short simple sentences that add unbelievably to the show. I am fabulously happy with them and it is feelings like this, over things like this, that tell me more than anything: I am a writer.

The huckleberries are out in May! They are unusually late June edibles. And look at these Iris and Lupin, two extraordinary flowers. Iris are so shot and flowing like fine, fine silk and Lupins are so incredibly structural. Imagine a garden of Lupins, Laburnum and Wisteria… all that structure.

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