Saturday, May 16, 2015

Why Write Plays?

Why am I doing the Trudeau show? Why am I so keen to do Harridan and Silent Night? Why do I put myself through all this stress and doubt?
  1. Ego need? Do I do it for the glory? Can I answer that question? I hate the curtain calls and going into the lobby after the show so I am not certain I am in it for the glory. This year, I find myself wishing I was not on stage; I have a been there done that feeling about it. The item on my bucket list is already ticked. I am not an actor.
  2. I sometimes think of being creative as a compulsion. The first thing I do (and want to do) every day is to write. I love making things; that includes writing.
  3. We all talk about what we do, so we have to do things to talk about. I love to talk with friends, so doing interesting things, I think, makes me a more interesting person to be around.
  4. Doing projects links me to other people. I think having projects may double the amount of time I spend in the company of others.
  5. One of the truest things about me is my passion for theatre. I started putting on plays when I was four; our garage was my theatre. When I am with theatre people I definitely feel myself to be amongst “my” people.
  6. I feel more attracted to making costumes and more confident as a costumer than I do as a writer. Harridan was created as an “excuse” to make more and more elaborate costumes. 
      One thing I know from writing this post is that the joy in making the costumes is two-fold: I love making them. I love the sourcing of materials, the sewing that fills up so many hours and I truly love the  gratification that comes from seeing the costume come together. And I love how they have almost stupefied everyone who sees them. People look at me differently. I don't think I have ever done anything to provoke such resect. Feeling that pride and respect is addictive. Perhaps that is why I do this. 

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