Friday, May 8, 2015

Looking Ahead

Yesterday, all doubts about the move deal were erased. The deal is fair and something I am extremely proud of. Warren is very interested in being part of the production; he will likely audition to play Don (my father in the film). I, on the other hand, feel like this story is over (in a very good way). I sold my screenplay—end of story. I did it.

Today I get my new suit, my very first suit. And it goes on Chris.3. Chris.1 was the person who weighed 77 kilos for probably 30 years. Chris.2 spent the ensuing decade hovering between 82 and 84 kilos. Chris.3 has weighed 70 kilos for 11 months and it is assumed, chez moi, that this is the new norm.

Tomorrow evening is my “dress up” party. All the parties in my home of my adult life were organized by Steve, my ex and serious party guy. Last year I had my first party in this small space; this year will be much better I think because I know now what it is like to have a party here. I have I am laying out a much finer spread—the hors d’oeuvres are very fancy and the only booze is champagne.

A week today I start rehearsals. Trudeau has nine scenes and a prologue—ten scenes. I am in eight of them. It is my goal to have three scenes down by the end of the weekend and to do two more next week so that I will be off book for the five largest scenes.

In a month, we open. And then I will rest a bit before beginning the rewrites and building of costumes and wigs for The Hater and The Harridan.

In a year, with luck, The Hater and The Harridan will be opening.

In two years, with luck, Uncle Gus’ Monkey will start filming.

The contract fiasco, in retrospect, was a blessing. Believing that “they” were out to screw us had both Warren and I really ask ourselves what we wanted out of the deal and I realized that I could care less if the movie gets made.

Warren successfully sold my very first screenplay. Whether the movie gets made or not doesn’t change this fact, in which, this writer takes great pride.

Yesterday’s meeting made me realize:
·      Brad is, a thoroughly reputable guy
·      The chances the movie will actually be made remain very slim
·      The Option Agreement will likely be renewed and if the movie is made, it will not be in 2016 in all probability. More like 2017.

·      I will continue to be the writer through development

Now I have to get back to memorizing my lines…. 

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