Friday, May 22, 2015

Costume Moving Day

Naked Vivicean and bald Sterling wait
for the elevator.
Sterling's head in the passenger seat.
It's Friday and this morning I will be moving all my costumes, wigs and all my sewing supplies to Presentation House. Thank God, it is not raining or everything would have been much, much more problematic.

The next two weeks will be intense. Rehearsals are always intense and this show is truncated; we have a short rehearsal period so we go into a short technical rehearsal period quite quickly and then almost immediately into rehearsals. We have cancelled a Tuesday show, so there are only nine performances (plus the preview).

And my enthusiasm for Harridan, has waned. I could easily revive it, but I am hoping it all fades away right now. I am feeling more inclined to write a show of monologues by famous personages, each having an elaborate costume but I do not want the pressure of a production deadline. Finally, I am interested and willing to do speculative work. (This is a first.)

If the Monkey movie is filmed in 2017, that could mean re-writes in the last half of 2016 or early months of 2017, so why work to be busy with stage work during those times? I am contractually obligated to be available for re-writes of Uncle Gus' Monkey.

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