Thursday, May 14, 2015


Wednesday and Thursday have been uneventful days lent to memorizing lines and being self-indulgent. There was a lot of Diplomat Cake left over from the Bon Ton. A Diplomat Cake is an oral orgasm.

For dinner, I took Ahmed (I have been spelling his name incorrectly), Paula and Andrea for dinner because they helped me with my party. On the way home, things happened that have me knowing that any hope of what I hoped for with Ahmed is gone. He is #4 out of four who cannot handle the HIV I guess. I cannot think of another reason, but the change is very noticeable.

Thank God for Leon who remains constant and loving. Animals are my saviours.

Tomorrow I start rehearsals, but it is just me and the director so it is (only) four hours but they will be intense. I am looking forward to walking home: down to and along Marine Drive in North Van, over the Lions Gate Bridge and then down to the seawall and along the wall home.

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