Friday, December 30, 2016

Alissa not TED

The TED talk is not going to happen. I’ve learned a little about how the talks thanks to my friend, Edwin. They are carefully curated and so I’m letting go of this idea. I’m glad I met my “fans” who thought we should approach TED and I don’t regret contacting them, but I won’t be speaking at TED. I’m certain of (and fine with) that.
As I enter 2017, I know myself better than ever before. That’s due to the impact of my breakdown and the insights derived in therapy and between sessions. I am also fatter. And my living space is dwindling as my dining room is overtaken with mannequins wearing my dresses.
The first significant events of the year will be the speech assessment sessions at Columbia and getting the results from all the cardiac testing. What I am most excited about for 2017 is to see if and what comes of my Defiant Dress project.
I melted immediately when I saw and heard Alessia Cara, a tiny powerhouse of a singer that got to my pop music loving soul. I love pop music but it is rare to find some that have both literate lyrics and good hooks. She certainly delivers and today I was positively thrilled to discover that she is Canadian.
I never clicked with Justin Beiber, Drake or The Weekend. But Alissa soothes this old soul.

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