Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Weary Monday

Monday was all about naps — and of course, dinner with J&B. I also enjoyed a surprise lunch with Leslie. But I could not get started on a dress. I’m fine with that. I had a lot of angina during the early part of the day so rest seemed apt.
Today and Wednesday are supposed to be sunny so I hope to get some cold-weather walking in.  
I’ve decided that I’m going to belt the wheat with dried orange slices and I’m drying (salting) some beautiful red berries that I hope to use like gemstones (I hope). I’ve also got some lovely bleached leaves to use too. My idea is to make a wedding dress that a totally broke dust bowl bride might make herself.
And that means the blood dress cannot be a wedding dress. I cannot have two wedding dresses in this project.
And I’m thinking I might alter my regret dress idea. I’m thinking I might write the phrases of regret onto tags that I’ll attach to door keys. I’m thinking these are notes people have left attached to the house keys they are surrendering to the spouses they are leaving. My ideas evolve, so this may or may not happen.
Tonight, the people who felt I should do a TED-X Vancouver talk are meeting. Tonight or tomorrow, I hope to receive their text —the final part of the TED submission. Then it can to Charmaine and I will begin the waiting process.
I think it is a strong submission but I have no expectations or hopes, just curiosity and I am open to opportunity.

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