Tuesday, December 20, 2016


“Today has been a difficult day.” That is the single sentence I wanted desperately to say in the video above. I made it at noon and I’ve had medication today — the old one. I’ve not been able to speak at all today. It’s hard for you who can speak to imagine being unable to speak, but I just cannot do it. It's the most intense frustration you can imagine.
I went to see Dr. Shoja knowing she would help me and she did. She is terribly accommodating when I have a major episode. I used sign language and showed her stuff I'd pre-written to communicate. New medication will help me and a new medicinal strategy is now in place for days when severe symptoms suddenly and inexplicably overtake me.
Our working theory is: The Cirque woman has caused this lingering anxiety episode.

Chris and Frani are coming to spend the night. I hope I am able to speak with them; I’ve taken medication in hopes of doing decently. They are true friends so it may go okay. After dinner, I think I’ll propose that we watch a movie on Netflix.

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