Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wheat Dress Profile

Okay: I’ve found something about my C-PTSD to be positive about.
I saw Dr. Shoja yesterday and like every session, it was great. We talked about my speech and about taking drugs and during our discussion she told me that it’s her experience that patients with complex somatic/psychological issues tend to have a dominant single physical symptom. Mine is speech. But, she said, she has several patients in whom distress is focused on their gastro-intestinal tract. Oh spare me. Can you imagine?
Dealing with the stunted wheat is challenging. Were I a perfectionist, I’d be having a nervous breakdown right now. The stunted wheat is thinner in the stalk, bent and the kernels are smaller; they look like took cocaine or meth growing up. So I have to adapt and make compromises and I do. Working with stunted wheat is much slower but then who cares?
In The King and I, when Anna and the king dance, her dress flows out in the back. I loved that dress, that song and that movie so my wheat dress has a similar line in the back. However: I love the process in spite of the challenge of doing it with stunted wheat.
I’m kind of excited because I think I will finish with the wheat today — and thank God. My house looks like a granary. Then I’ve only to wait for the leaf skeletons to arrive to finish it.
This dress has, sadly, a big footprint. Something in my living room is going to have to go. I think I have to get rid of my dining room table temporarily, until I find a friend with an empty room or rent a studio.

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