Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Passing Time

Sculptures by Elisabeth Higgins O'connor

This week is the first week in eight months that I do not have a single medical appointment.
The black aida cloth arrived. I am so stoked because I just love sewing while I am watching something delicious on Netflix. And this time when I sew the text I want for the apron, I will have better letters due to all the practice I got doing the first version.
And I have additional motivation! I’ve been asked if I’d be willing to exhibit my ladies in a costume museum in Victoria at Government House. It is not an invitation to exhibit but (as with the TED talk) it is super neat to be considered.
I went to see a couple of shows yesterday at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The show on the third floor, Juxtapose is wonderful fun. You can get a flavour of the show from the photos above.
Walker Evans: Depth of Field is a large and complex exhibition; it is too large to take in on one visit. It is rather astonishing to see his famous images from Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. There is tremendous diversity in the show, in the media and in the subject material: There are portraits, images of tools and lots of urban landscapes and a large number of architectural images.
Then I went for lunch and immediately came home and lost it all. However, on the way home, the sun got brighter and brighter in the sky as forecast and so we are in for some lovely bright cool days.
The solstice is in ten days. The equinoxes, solstices and the dates on which Daylight Savings start and end are, for me, the most important days of the year. The solstices and DST says days when the daylight changes. Just knowing that in eleven days, the daylight will last a little longer is welcome and affirming news.
I’ve been binging on QI — the Stephen Fry years. I love Mr. Fry and am not ready to accept the new host (who, I hear, is charming). I just love his relationship with Allan Davis — well everyone, really. My delights (as guests) so far are Jack Whitehall, Sarah Millican, David Mitchell and Jimmy Carr.

Look at those handrails!! OMG! They are perfect.

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