Monday, December 26, 2016

Boxing Day Breaks Snowy

Nearby, a car with a particularly irritating car alarm has been going on and on and one for fifteen years minutes. It's six AM. It moves my mind to vandalism and murder; I turn up my music in defence.
I went to J&B’s for dinner last night. I took a nice big bottle of Veuve and spent the entire night talking completely normally — well, all except for the first ten minutes. Honestly: It makes me wonder why I am spending the big bucks to go to these new speech therapists because after last night it feels like I don't have a problem.
But then … the problem is back again this morning. So: Instead of pills, if I could just keep a friend with me all the time I’d be fine.
It isn’t a speech problem; it’s a psychological problem. But then I knew that. And I think that the speech therapists I am going to know that too. Anyway: I’ll find out soon.
It’s snowing again and the next week is predicted to be ideal for working on my dresses: Cold and wet.
I have learned to focus on today — on doing the dress in hand and to not think about the rest of the show and the script. When I think of the big picture it’s harder to work; the big picture is daunting. I must just focus on getting the dress-of-the-moment done.
Although it was sunny, I spent Christmas day indoors making leaves and working on the bodice of the wheat dress. I still like how it is looking.
I watched Disney’s The Jungle Book because I adored that story as a kid. And then I watched the celebration of Shakespeare staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It was a spectacular and moving tribute and the performances by all the actors were delicious.  

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