Thursday, December 1, 2016

Skirt ~ YES!

I have the cheerleader skirt! I’m really happy with it but it will be shortened. But now I do not like the crest! Even though I spent, perhaps, sixty hours doing the first one, for practice, and then a second one to use, it’s out. The colour is wrong.

All that work for naught, but I truly don’t care. I still love what I made and I learned a skill I may use on a different dress. After all, the technique I developed to use for the peacock dress bodice that I loved so much, I rejected. But I will use the technique for the cheerleader bodice instead. So no time has been wasted.
I’m enthused now. The cheerleader outfit is going to look fine when the whole thing comes together.
It will take the rest of today to finish the skirt. Then I have to do the bodice and I’ve decided that the crest, like everything else, must be done in paper.
I truly need a studio for a project of this size. I have to clear a path from my bedroom to the bathroom before I go to bed so that I don’t fall over something. I never forget. Unfortunately for me, my paths are also great places for Leon to puke and I discover it with bare feet in the morning. Sigh.


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