Saturday, December 3, 2016

On the Trail

I’ve never done so much craft work in my life; I have never indulged in my creative side so thoroughly. Consequently, I have learned a lot about the creative experience and my unique approach to it.
For example: I am disinclined to research. I get an idea; I do it. I learn as I go. That’s why so many plans “A” go awry. I love of problem solving. By figuring things out on my own, I get a bigger high from my final result of my work.
Dwight came over last night for drinks and then dinner at Bacchus. I had serious difficulty talking at first and so I apologized. He said: “Don’t worry about it. It’s always like this at first but you’ll be fine in a while.” And we both knew he was right. Still, it felt very good to hear a valued friend understand the pattern as I understand it. I don’t know why, really, but it felt really good.
Then we got happy sharing a bottle of wine. We’re just such a perfect fit.
He surprised me by advocating for me to go back to the idea of a performance with my dresses. But I told him no. I’m very happy I’ve abandoned the idea of a performance. I’m far happier with the idea of an exhibition. Regardless of what the outcome, I am so grateful for the sounding board he is as my idea evolves. Bless his head: He is so encouraging.
I’m at the point with the cheerleader that I love. There is still lots of work to do, but I have solved all the structural/construction problems and the rest is just fun. I am so happy to be so satisfied with the results.
I’m working in the kitchen now. It’s fabulous. I wish I had discovered how great it is before. I have miles of counter space and the fridge is right there — and so is my chocolate. I can even watch Netflix on my iPad, but I don’t. I listen to music.
I’ve asked him to make the letter holders I need for my show. For me, the letters are the most important part of the show. Yes, the costume/dresses catch your eye, but I want to present them behind the letters; I want the letters front and centre. I love the hybrid nature of what I am doing.
Were I to tell my stories with words, no one would ever read them. They would die like the zillions and zillions of words written every day by writer wanna-bes. Even published or self-published writers often have to face that far fewer eyes see their work than they want/expected/hoped for.
By putting my words front and centre in my show, I not only want/expect/hope that a modest number of people will read them, I get to watch them react. I can even talk to them if I want; I don't want, but I could.
Like I say: I like that I am finding my own path. And I love that I am going slowly along it, having fun as I go and unconcerned with the destination.

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