Thursday, December 15, 2016

Onto Plan B with the Apron

Now I have an idea to write a monologue for a female actor/singer who could read the letters (or portions of them) as she meanders through the costumes — again in an open space and not in a traditional theatre. With only one performer and a director, it could be done cheaply.
I had lunch yesterday with a “desk” of alumni and I sat beside Fraser. He’s a superb guy whom I have always liked (but never really known) since high school. Whenever our paths have crossed, it has always been a delight.
He knew how many steps it took to climb his driveway and the angle of the clime and he has decided to sell his boat because of all it takes to maintain it. So, as he said, he life is in adjustment. “And sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself,” he said. So we talked about that and that is how I told him about my dresses. That’s how this whole Defiant Dress project got started.
He had a visible and strong reaction to the dresses. Late last night I got an email asking for photos so he could show his wife, Cathy. I have to say, that is pretty much the usual response so I am encouraged to have a show and if I could write a monologue for it — and I think I could enjoy that — I could handle something that simple and small. Plus, I’d recoup my costs.
I’m really proud of the apron. Whereas others react more than anything else to the cardinal, for me it’s the apron and it's the apron because of the story. People like the cardinal for its look.
Last night I thought I might create the lace effect I want for the apron by painting cheap doilies with Indian ink. I think I might love that.
This morning: Shock and flaw! The text is too large. (See the photo above.) It’s too large for the design I had in mind but I’ve done some editing and I may be able to save this version for use in the show. I’m disappointed in the design adjustment I have to make; It’s sad because this is my favourite item.
But I know that people don’t see my disappointments. I could call this show Plan B because so much of what will be on view is exactly that. But people like my outcomes and I think the apron will have impact if they read the story. O course, for a favourite, the story feels particularly important.

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