Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Calm Before the Storm

Tuesday I went for a walk in the crisp cold air. The mountains were covered, top to bottom, in snow; it’s a rare sight and stunningly beautiful. I have an arctic down jacket that keeps me toasty warm — and it beautifully broke my fall due when I went down due to there being black ice on the seawall.
I got some paper and ribbon for the apron at Paper Ya and a nice brown beret on Granville Island and then walked to Science World for a take-out lunch in the sunshine.
Today I see Dr. Shoja and then Cathy is coming here for lunch here. We may go for a walk and then we’ll certainly have lunch.  
The wheat is beautiful. The red berries I picked are iffy; some have rotted and so I changed the salt bath that they are in. They look good this morning. I’m relieved; they are the colour I want on the wheat dress. I wish I had a dehydrator; it would make everything so much easier for this dress.
I want to make a belt of dried oranges. I can’t make them to my satisfaction, so I bought some to use. However, I have beautiful bleached Aspen leaves to use that I first saw in Bergamot Centre in LA years ago. You can find the skeletal leaves in Van Dusen Gardens in the winter; bleaching them is an art.
And I may add some moss. It’s super easy to dry and it keeps its colour.  
The object of my affection visited last night. He’s either off his medications or in an episode that requires an increase in the amount he takes. He is heading for a meltdown and I loathe being with him when he is in this state so now the man who usually lights me up is someone I have to avoid. Living can certainly be complicated.
The three “strangers (Christine, Steve and Patrick) who instigated the TED pitch met last night to discuss their strategy. I got an email with some questions and answered it promptly so I hope to hear something from them today — or very soon.
It’s supposed to be cold and clear today, cloudy tomorrow and then to snow tomorrow night — even more than it did on Monday.

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