Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ho Hum

Please leave by 9.

My red berries dried really dull and tiny. I may go to the beach and see if I can find some rose hips. It’d be fabulous to find rose hips that are still red and find that they keep their shape and colour when they dry.
Curmudgeons is a film by Danny DeVito with both gay and elderly sensibilities. You can see it here. I loved it.
You know the famous adage” See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil.” Do you know its origin? It’s of Japanese origin and… and … originally, there were four monkeys. The three monkeys we all know are Mizaru, Kikizaru and Iwazaru. The fourth monkey is Shizaru who represents “do no evil.” He is depicted covering his genitals. Merry Christmas.
I would like to get all the leading thinkers in climate change, crime and punishment, public health, education, religion, agriculture, zoology and — and most importantly — journalism and the media in one room where I would posit the following: “Your concerns are all linked by a single common denominator: human over population.
Then I would ask them why the words “human over population” have never been seen or heard in public discourse? I would ask them why human over population has not once been declared as a problem and how they can consider themselves moral/ethical without raising it?
January NG cover.
There’s trouble in apron land: After over a hundred hours of sewing the apron bodice, I’m not liking it at all. Its really disappointing but I don’t mixing fabric and paper so I either have to recreate the bodice in paper or make the whole apron of cloth and I don’t want to use cloth.
If I’d think about things better, I wouldn’t waste so much time but since filling time was the reason I undertook this project, wasting it is impossible. So I think I will move onto the wheat dress and come back to the apron after thinking about it some more. Sigh. 
On the other hand, I could go to a movie and/or go for a walk. (I have to remember it’s -6° without any wind chill factored in and that there will be ice.) That’s the most wonderful thing about my life right now: I don’t have to do anything.

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