Friday, June 1, 2018

Barely Rain

The birds are back — not scores of them as in winter — but sufficient to keep me entertained. Most of them are Woodpeckers or Flickers but there are also lots of Hummingbirds and butterflies — and still no insects.
The four super-light chairs I ordered have arrived. I got them so guests and I can use them for picnics in the trail meadows. I have a great picnic kit, too, so now I just wait for guests and opportunity. When Paula comes for the summer, I’m sure she’ll be up for picnics.
So have my “surprises” with which I will finish my Spa sign. (I don’t want to explain what they are until I can mount them and take a photo.)
Thursday I slept in and then enjoyed a spectacular visit to Sandwell Parkwith Her Highness. Another dog was there that lovedto run with Sheba. After that: I did some errands, had a spa and then went to The Surfto meet Patsy, Sue and Fran for dinner.
I’m still absolutely awed by how sweet my life is here. 
It’s cloudy today; it even rained, but barely, and I was not at all unhappy. The air smelt sweet and wet and I felt cozy as can be inside Pinecone Park. I went to Dog Play, chilled and did errands. I achieved significant things: I restored my Photoshop program somehow. It has also, somehow, had its “type engine” corrupted. And I’ve got my blood testing arranged for at the local lab (finally).
And now I’m settling in for a comfy night with my pets.

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