Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Dump Day

Following up on the night with the bat, Fred had another active night. 
I was awakened by a loud noise I couldn’t identify. It scared me; I decided something must have fallen on my tin roof and turned over to go back to sleep. Then I heard scratching and then cat wailing and went into the bathroom to find that Fred trapped inside the clear glass shower cubicle. He’d climbed over the wall.
I watched a heartbreaking but inspirational documentary last night about the first same-sex couple to get married in the US and the recent PBS production of Falsettos. It was a weepy night but very moving; I was enthralled through both shows.
The doc about Tony and Richard was a testament to love. Theirs was an incredible story because Tony was Australian so the American federal government’s refusal to recognize their union meant they lived with the fear of deportation as their constant companion.
The nadir of the film was the appearance of the despicable Clintons. He signed the Defense of Marriage Actand supported it. I hate them. DOMA made same-sex marriage illegal. I hate the Clintons — I'm on the left but respect ethics.
Falsettoswas mesmerizing — but then I love musicals (James Lapine and Andrew Rannels). However, I was surprised at how moving it was. It’s a staccato opera. There’s hardly any speech and no segues; scenes are numbers and some of the numbers are heart-stoppingly well written. It was a telecast of a Broadway revival shown on the Live from Lincoln Centre series; it’s a series I’ve come to love.
I realize I overestimated my annual electrical costs. This summer I’ll not use any electricity for heating so my projections were too high. Still, I’m sensitized now to the cost of heating. I’m likely to want heat pump and to live through next winter differently than the last one. Last year I was so excited about having a fireplace it was lit all the time I was awake; that can’t happen next year.
The big question is the hot tub. It’s such an extravagance. Mine seats eight, I live here alone and many guests don’t even use it. Such a first world problem, I have!
It’s clear and beautiful this morning. Vanessa comes and 9:00 and we’ll load up her truck with as much of the crap in my courtyard as we can. Soon, a huge project will be done and now I’m swimming with covered storage space for wood.
The Sparrows are back in their Spring finery. Some are yellow, some blue and some are red; some Towhees have turned a light golden colour instead of the deep auburn I usually see.

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