Saturday, June 2, 2018


Kelsey is an actor and she has an anxiety disorder like mine. Her boyfriend wanted to know what to do when she has an attack; my friends have asked the same thing and I never know what to say. All that she told her boyfriend does not apply to me (I have no sense of fear), but reading her notes for him (below) reallyaffected me for the better.
The “I am not alone” feeling feels so good! After I read her notes, I felt the weight lift again and I could speak.
Anxiety disorders are a pandemic. According to the World Health Organizationanxiety disorder is the most common mental disorder; as many as 1 in 13 people globally suffers from it. I see symptoms in friends who are mildly affected. We live in a hostile world. 

If you're affected like me, click on the image to
enlarge it. It's worth reading!

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