Saturday, June 23, 2018

Costin & Marina

Costin and Marina arrived joyously at 9:00 last night. It was Costin’s first seaplane ride and he sat in the co-pilot’s seat. He was super stoked.
Now, about Costin...
I went to a friend’s house a few year’s back and asked to use her phone. Right beside her phone was a fish in a bowl with a huge plant growing out of the bowl. The fish swam through the beautiful roots of the plant.
That led to me getting an aquarium and I liked it so much I got a bigger one; I liked the second one so much I got a huge third one and hired a consultant to help me manage it. His name was Costi. I called him Fish Boy and we hit it off right away.
For the next three years he was a regular visitor (every second week) to my home and over the course of a zillion conversations I came to feel incredible affection for him—and his wife, Marina. I see unbelievably welcome affection for me in both of them. 
I’m delighted and astounded by how remarkably well we “click;” they are in their mid-thirties. But I think they may be “old souls.” We thrive together.
They brought me presents: A pasta maker and a sachet of lavender. And they brought “000” Italian flower so that tonight Costin will cook using the new pasta maker.
It’s a beautiful sunny day so we’ll go to the Farmers’ Market together and afterwards we’ll have a quick visit to Sandwell beach while the tide is low. Then we’ll go for lunch at the Surf, then Drumbeg park and home for happy hour, a spa and dinner.
I’ve said “yes” to being a house manager for a venue at the August music and theatre festival here, and now I’ve also volunteered to do some fundraising for the festival too—a raffle. And I’m considering billeting some performers.
I have to back to the ophthalmologist on July 5thand I can’t drive so just as happened yesterday, I get a TAPP form from my GP here that allows me to go back and forth—with my car and an escort—for free. What a great medical system we have!

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