Thursday, June 21, 2018

Eye Contact

Well I’m excited!
I got a call today from Dr. Majic’s office. I’m going to see an ophthalmologist tomorrow at noon. I’m hoping to find out why my vision has become so poor in my right eye—more important, I hope I get a prescription for glasses. Reading and working on my computer is uncomfortable.
I just found out today and the appointment’s tomorrow in Nanaimo—and I can’t drive because of the drops I’ll be getting. Patsy is driving me, bless her heart. I went into the village yesterday when I found out and got her some nice soap to thank her.
After Drumbeg this morning, Sheba and I went on a long trail walk. I really enjoyed it because I didn’t have to carry back any branches for the fence.
To Sheba's left is a patch of grass that has
grown to shoulder-height.
Some ground cover.
The trees form a majestic canopy.
We took a new trail today.
The ferns grow from between waist and
shoulder high.

And there are acres of beautiful ferns.
And tiny stars cover the ground. 
I love my corner and street sign amongst
flowers and with no curb or sidewalk.
There are glorious Daisies everywhere.
The yellow is brilliant.
More ground cover.

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