Thursday, June 21, 2018

Drumbeg in the Morning

This is Drumbeg at 7:30 in the morning.

Yesterday I came upon two really young fawns. I melted at first sight. And when I took Sheba out for a walk in the evening, I noticed my neighbours have ducks—black very squawky ducks that add a to the rooster and wild bird chorus every day. Also last night, I saw my first local raccoon rummaging in my bird feeder and this morning Ethel gifted me with a very cute but dead mouse.
The birds are back. There’s lots of them; not the impressive flocks of Sparrows and Chickadees that visit in winter, but lots of beautiful Towhees and Juncos and, of course, Woodpeckers and Hummers.
But my most impressive experience yesterday was passing the Alpaca farm. They have a paddock that must be off limits for their animals—they also have miniature horses—because the paddock is full and thick with daisies. Daisies grow everywhere here but seeing this particular field densely full of them was an almost religious experience. “Flower bathing.”
I am Lord of the Manor, Master of my Estate. That’s how I feel with the gardens watered, lawns cut and cleared of months of forest detritus, the windows washed and the fence decoration done. There is order indoors as well so today there’s naught to do but play.
 So … Sheba and I went to Drumbeg to tucker Sheba out and to enjoy the park at a time when I knew I’d have the park all to myself. It was really lovely as film above and photos below reveal!

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