Monday, June 4, 2018

Trash Day (Almost)

First break, 8:30 am:

I’m on my first break from loading crap from around my yard and buildings into the courtyard for pick-up at 3:00 by Vanessa. She’ll be able to back right up to it. I’ve done about an hour-and-a-half of work; “slow and easy,” is my mantra. When I’m finished, I’ll have three covered woodsheds (and no unwanted trash)!
I’m wearing running shoes. I’ve little choice. And I’ve tread on two nails already but I’m pretty sure I’ve had a tetanus shot. (My friend Mike died of Septicemia after doing the same thing.)
Second break, 10:30 am: 

I have another mantra: “At least it’s not raining.” My back aches and my hands hurt and I have to help Vanessa lift it all again to get it into her truck later. Still … it’s rewarding to be striking a major item off my to-do list — and not just any item, but the last one on the list made when I moved in. 
Ridding myself of the renovation shite and stuff left by previous owner is hugely satisfying. I’ve finished one woodshed, done half of another and none of the third and I sill have half the studio renovation detritus to add to the pile.
Third break, noon: 

I’ve slowed down. The courtyard has filled up and so now I'm saving some of the wood to use as kindling in the winter. But there's order now; the wood I’m saving is sorted by size and bundled. The lot is incredibly tidy and I'm glad of it even though the newly ordered areas are out of sight of guests. 
Vanessa arrived at three to find much more stuff than she anticipated so we’ve re-scheduled for Wednesday morning at 9:00 am. I was fine with the change; I was pooped and happy to not have to load her truck and tomorrow I can finish hauling out the rest of the stuff.
I’ve worked hard today and deserve the pie I’m going into town to get.

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