Friday, June 29, 2018

A Miracle?

Bruce and I are passing lazy times together; good fellows in the mist.
We’ve done an island tour, had meals out, had a spa and done a lot of chillin’. We’re a living a performance art piece called Beyond Mellow.
I’ve also made progress on the raffle for the Arts Council and—praise pharmaseuticals—I’m convinced the increased dosage of my new drug is having a positive effect. I spoke to the waitress at The Kitchen and she noticed how good my speech was! I felt triumphant. I can hardly wait to see and tell Dr. S. And in three more days, my dosage goes up 25% and that may make things even better.
Other reasons to be happy: Deer and fawns visit me almost every day to eat the “lawn” outside my office window; the wild bird frenzy is back — particularly in the mornings and I found wild Blackberries—the real kind, not the delicious but invasive Himalayan variety—growing on the side of my street; and I’m going to build another cat hotel like the one I built for Fred and Ethel. It will be a prize in the raffle and I’ll fill it with cat toys and food.
I am one very, very happy dude. Seriously! I truly believe this new drug has me speaking better and reduced my seizures to hiccups. 

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