Saturday, June 2, 2018

Rural Me!

They’re having a lot of fun in Kansas City!

In summer, starting the day with a walk through the woods fills me with joy and brings consciousness of wonder. The annual ferns are as high as an elephant’s eye but there’s no Curly here to sweep me off my feet. However, it was market day today and that is as close as a community picnic as we get here.
I got an envelope marked, “Rural Property Tax Notice Enclosed.” I loved seeing that I am officially a rural resident of BC. My taxes for my half-acre total twelve hundred bucks.
This morning’s Farmers’ Market was a delight. I met Sue and Fran there and, of course, bought marshmallow from a master candy chef. I also met a lovely woman who has a sheep farm and sells lovely radiantly coloured yarn. I’ve decided to buy some and to have her weave me some caps. I also got a strawberry galette to serve the girls who are coming for dinner.
Working in the yard in the afternoon I noticed that one of my Apple trees has tiny apples on it. I cannot believe I am growing apples. I’m absolutely thrilled. And … I finished my “spa sign” on the shed:

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