Saturday, June 16, 2018


It’s very windy this morning. The power has already gone out once. The wind is bringing in a warm front that is predicted to take our daytime highs to thirty degrees for the upcoming week.
There’s a very low tide today at two o’clock so Sheba and I will go to Sandwell Parkto go beachcombing. The low tides now are extremely low because we’re close to the Summer solstice. The sun’s over the Tropic of Cancer; the moon is pulling on the high latitudes.
Tomorrow I go to Nanoose Bayon Vancouver Island to see Dianne and her posse. I’ll be in a beachfront retreat on a blistering hot day. How great is that?
Today, besides the beach, it’s Farmers’ Market day.
Dr. Majic couldn’t see a cataract in my right eye and he thought the pressure on both my eyeballs felt equal; he can’t account for the light auras and milky vision so he’s sending me to an ophthalmologist in Nanaimo. It’s likely to take a while and he’s forewarned me about the semi-industrial process I’m in for there. I can see fine, it’s just obnoxious having one eye sending my brain “overexposed” images.
My water stinks again. I had my cistern cleaned and “shock bleached” in March; I hope I don’t have to do this every three months. The cistern cleaner is coming on Tuesday.

I’m fed up with ignorant leaders. I’ve met many lovely, ethical and empathetic people of limited intelligence. I hate how horrid it sounds to say that but I’m glad I can because otherwise I’d blame stupidity for Donald Trump, all the Trumps, Rudy Giuliani, Jeff Sessions, Betsy Devos, Doug Ford and the like. 
It’s not their lack of intelligence that’s the problem; I loathe their conviction that their way of thinking should affect public policy and all the lying, despicable language and hate talk. I hate the pendulum swing between our social polarities.
What if there were two ballots for our elections—one for left leaning people and one for right and you can only have one? What if each side chose their leader and governments were jointly led and social policy had to be hammered out between them? That way, perhaps public discourse would be less objectionable and not posturing.

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