Friday, June 15, 2018

Mushrooms and Other Matters

As to the matter of taxes: The box of receipts has moved from inside a drawer to on the table.
As to the matter of my fat pants: They remain stacked and ready for alterations beside the box of tax receipts.
As to the matter of other duties: I finished redistributing the yard of new soil onto flower beds, did my shit-shifting duties (cleaning the litter box thoroughly and picking up dog stool scattered over half an acre) and sorted garbage—all while keeping up with exercising Her Highness. 
As to the matter of the wood: I have stacked for three hours; I have another three to go. My back hurts, my hands hurt and I was thoroughly pooped when I stopped—but I loved the routine and simple work in the lovely afternoon sunshine. I look forward to doing more tomorrow. This load is three cords and I want at least three more. 
As to the matter of my anger: Milan quoted me $235/cord plus delivery charges. I bought 3 cords. He charged me $120/hour for delivery (3.75 hours) so my total invoice was over $1,300 for the 3 cords. For the first time in my life, I did not pay the entire bill. I paid all the charges except I reduced the labour charge to $40/hour. I refuse to pay a truck driver what I would pay a lawyer. Their invoice really upset me. I feel like a “patsy” being charged so much for delivery.
As to the matter of my eye: I see Dr. Majic this afternoon. My guess: Cataract.

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