Monday, June 18, 2018

Visiting Dianne in Nanoose Bay

It’s predicted to reach 33° degrees here today! I cannot remember ever seeing predictions this high—and never in June. Yesterday was really hot too, but the house stays nice and cool—and I have an outdoor shower!
Today’s the day to work on the fence panels! I’m stoked about finally finishing decoration that I began last Fall. (I got my first Mosquito bite this morning watering my gardens.)
I leave the screened doors and windows open day and night; the incense-like forest fragrance made my nose gay. Birdsong and cool breeze adds to the pleasure of being indoors at night when I watch taped episodes of Endeavor(my favourite TV show). 
Because I was a total slug Saturday, yesterday morning began as a marathon of duties in advance of leaving for the day to go and visit Dianne and friends in Nanoose Bay. On the ferry, the warm breeze, the smell of diesel and the hum of the engine and particularly the thick white pain crusting over all the metal surfaces of the ship and its railings like a fungus made my mind scroll through dozens of ferryboat rides all over the world. 

That universal white of ship railings is a wonderful sentimental trigger. I grew up in boats; my father was the marine editor for the paper. I felt as good as I have ever felt since my breakdown.
And then I had a wonderful “senior moment.” I’m not a cell phone person, but the Mapsapp on my phone positively thrilled me. I’ve always used Google maps in the past, but this app talked me to Dianne’s place like a GPS device; being orally led to my destination was an unbelievably wonderful service for a man with anxiety issues.
I had a mini melt down when I arrived, but Dianne’s choice of cabin to rent is a healing environment. I’ve never been in such a cute, cozy beachside place. It’s paradise.

We talked and laughed and had a fabulous smorgasbord lunch eating out on the deck. I left at 1:30 and caught the 2:30 ferry home. It was a significant experience for me, doing that alone. I feel capable of more adventures to other islands and to Victoria—particularly with the app and if I take Sheba.
The youngsters: Ashlee (L) and Helen. Ash is Dianne's
daughter;  Dianne rented the cabin.

A bad photo of Dianne, our host.

Costin, the wonderful young man who helped me care for my aquarium during my last years in Vancouver, is planning a visit—hopefully this weekend—with his wife, Marina. They are an extraordinary couple; I am so fulfilled and touched by the friendship of these vital young people. 

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