Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Chris at Bat

The bat spent the day in the loft, but I saw it fly into my bedroom last night at 6:30 so I closed the door, went outside and removed the window screen, went back into the bedroom and opened the window wide and it flew out. I was veryhappy to be free of it and that it was free. I wish I knew how it got inside the house, though.
At 7:00 I saw my first wild raccoon here. He was perched on a tree just outside my yard and looking at all the garbage in my courtyard. 
I actually liked working yesterday. I’m thrilled to be on the verge of having a very tidy lot. Now it’s easy to reach my cistern and I’ve tons of space for firewood. Today I’ll finish up cleaning up the ground of the sheds. The next steps will be sawing up the remaining wood into burnable sized pieces for winter kindling and ordering firewood for the winter to stack.
I figure my electricity will be around $3,600 for the year. I have to heat two buildings; my studio can’t get humid or all my ladies will wilt. I also burned about $1,800 worth of wood so that’s five grand on heating this year. Regardless, fires are a winter passion and so now that my three woodsheds are cleared I can start looking for wood. I can easily store six cords; that’ll give me a good supply while I set my strategies for next winter.
I’m thinking I may get a heat pump and only light fires on special occasions. I also have to decide if the hot tub is worth the money it costs to keep it going. 
I’m still talking extremely well. A spell of remarkable fluency began a few days ago and I’m thrilled. I think it’s because I’m so happy and I feel so “on top” of things.
Today’s agenda is more woodshed trash management. It’s inspiring work; it’s only 6:30 am and I’m keen to get at it. It’s surprisingly “fun” to have this kind of work to do. I still haven’t done my taxes and dread doing them; I’m delighted to find myself inclined to physical labour. 
The end of the month could see a significant step in the story of Defiant Dress. My friend Bill, the former Artistic Director of the theatre I’m hoping might be interested in it, is coming for lunch and he’ll see my ladies. I think that will enable an easy segue into asking him to read it — it’s his kind of play — and perhaps that will help my cause.

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