Sunday, July 1, 2018

Market Day

Yesterday: Morning rain. Pooey.
Bruce and I went to the market and man-oh-man…the vegetables. Everyone is saying it’s the best Spring for growing. There were cabbages as large as huge pumpkins, Kohlrabi the size of small pumpkins, and the beets in an incredible variety of colours. It was the best market, yet. I know people now. I always get a pie from the same woman; we joke together like old friends. It’s the same with the marshmallow lady.
The afternoon was cloudy, warm, humid and inspiring. We went to Drumbeg and swooned about being alive. Then we went to find the petroglyphs and saw very unusual fungi growing as well as a plant I’ve never seen in the wild before.
A spa, dinner and a movie ended our penultimate day together.
We’ve broken sky today—mostly cloud—and no agenda. I take Bruce to the plane at 1:30.

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