Sunday, July 8, 2018

I Passed!

I heard on CBC radio yesterday that a group of scientists had concluded their research into the ideal outdoor temperature in which the human body performs sustained physical activity—work or play. It’s 23° and that’s a typical summer day in southwestern coastal British Columbia.
That’s what we had yesterday. It was a very busy day for me: I did a lot of preparation for my dinner tonight with a “cousin” I barely know. And at one o’clock I had a meeting of the volunteer area heads of the performing arts festival and our bosses.
Before going to the meeting I made a marinade and wrapped a pork loin in it and onions and put it in the fridge to soak overnight, lemon curd, the best blind-baked tart crust I’ve ever made, fresh pasta to cool overnight, stuffing for the ravioli I’ll assemble today and a pecan/blue cheese/cream cheese mixture for the appetizer I’ll serve with slices of pear. And I made a raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing.
We our meeting was on the site. It’s a massive area. The theatre is on the north side of North Road in a huge tent on the school grounds. On the south side of the road is the music festival that has two venues, the family area, the performer’s lounge and an area where there will be food trucks. And the whole site will be animated.
It’s very small town in every way. It’s a million miles from my past experience but I’m totally into it. The volunteers are so enthusiastic and hard working. 
There used to be a music festival but it was, I take it, floundering and there’s also been a theatre festival and it, too, may have been facing challenges. I’m not really sure how those two organizations decided to “retire,” but now the Arts Council is producing both festivals as one combined performing arts extravaganza.
I start working in earnest on the raffle on Wednesday when I come back from Vancouver.
This morning is the community dog walk that I love so much—and it’s a beauty day. When I get back, I’ll continue to prep for the meal. I can hardly wait to assemble the tart; it’s going to be beautiful and delicious—the raspberries are so fresh!
Proud Footnote: I passed at the festival meeting! I participated on par with everyone else even though there were lots of people, most strangers, and in the outdoors! I didn’t stutter at all, really. I continue to believe this drug I’m on works—and no side effects.

Sigh! I loved him first because he was so handsome.
His story turned so tragic. He sparks survivor's remorse
in this daily "cocktail" drinker.

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