Wednesday, July 18, 2018


That’s Mr. Doofus to you!
I was busy from the moment I rose until I left to catch the ferry early yesterday morning. I prepared Pinecone Parkfor another hot day. It was fabulous on the ferry; the air was spectacularly fresh and the sunshine was glorious. My App helped me find the ophthalmologist’s office without stress where they told me my appointment was August 17thnot July 17th.
I’m done with my hot tub, I think. It’s not working; it won’t stop running so it gets the water too hot and then shuts itself off due to overheating. Last night, I turned it off and left it off all night. This morning I will run it for about an hour and then I will shut it off again and re-start it in the afternoon. I plan to run it manually until I can get a service person to come.
It is a major energy consumer and it seats eight. I’m one person, with sometimes one guest, heating a hot tub for eight all day every day. It doesn’t make sense.
I found two large growths in Sheba’s mouth. It looks like she has teeth made of flesh growing out of her gums so I took her to the vet where I found out she’s got canine viral papilloma that will eventually work itself out of her body. She got it from a dog on the communal dog walk. 
This morning Darryl’s wife, Elaine, picked me up to take me to her allotment. It was our second visit, but this time I took my phone so I could take photos.
This is Elaine's allotment.
The Rhubarb. 
The Gladioli.
There's an embarrassment of Blueberries.
The lettuce.
The Onions.
The Tomatoes.
The Beans and Corn.
More Lettuce.
The Potatoes.
The corn is growing in abundance too!

The Carrots and Beets.
Artichoke and Courgettes.
My haul, when I got home.

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