Monday, July 16, 2018

Cat Palace: Beginning

I get lovely morning sunlight in which to work in my studio and the open
window lets in lots of air—my French doors are open too.
The boxes unassembled give you an idea of the scale of the cat palace. The palace
is made of cardboard boxes and paper applied with flour & water paste. 
With the interiors lined in coloured paper and the insides
done on these two rooms, I started assembling the palace.

The windows have curtains inside for the cat to destroy.
This is the bedroom. It will have doors. The floor is double 
padded with batting and covered in a floral silk print. 
This is the interior of the bottom room. It is a play room
with suspended glittery dingle balls for the cat to play with.
This is the room with the two windows; it will have a door.

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