Monday, July 30, 2018

The Finest Night So Far

First of all: I had a dream that my knowledgeable friend thought my script sucked. Maybe my subconscious is a more adept editor that my conscious self. This could be an omen; I’m prepared and unflustered. 
Secondly: I woke up Sunday morning able to talk in my own voice and it lasted all day—and with everyone. There were tiny glitches, but it was wonderful “to be back.”
Finally: Last night was my finest night yet on Gabriola.
The day began with the community dog walk. Jacques came with Sheba and I, and he really enjoyed the walk, seeing the various microclimates along the way and talking with the other dog owners—all of whom were taken with his job (international travel guide).
Afterwards, we dropped off Sheba at the house and went for lunch and then after lunch we went to Drumbeg. He absolutely loved Drumbeg. Then we came home to spa together for a lovely long time with drinks in hand. Heaven.
At 7:00 we ate on the deck at Surf Lodge on one of the nicest nights of the year. We were at the front of the balcony looking out on a very calm warm ocean with kayakers, seals, eagles and ferries to entertain us.
Every single table was full. Amanda was our server. I told her I was gay so that I could tell her how stunningly beautiful she was (inside and out). Then we discovered we are neighbours and she is a double dog owner.
Dinner took forever and that allowed us to meet the people at the table beside us: A handsome, wonderfully friendly and fit Swissair pilot, his lovely wife and two handsome young sons—the father and both boys, all avid kite surfers. Jacques has a friend who lives in a tiny town in Switzerland and it happened to be the pilot’s birthplace, so we got off to a roaring start.
Later, when a trio of seals came by and looked like a whale, I ran down onto the lawn to get a better look and met a recent PhD graduate and his wife who live in Cornwall, equally as vivacious and open as the Swiss family. I stayed with them for fifteen minutes and they, like Amanda, seemed as happy to meet me as I was happy to meet them. I was just zinging last night.
Everybody at that restaurant was high—high on the beauty of the a hot summer night, the gorgeous red sunset, the absence of bugs and the abundance of good company. And everyone, from Amanda to each fellow restaurant patron that we met credited our exquisite happiness to the magnificence of Gabriola.

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